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Technology & Innovation

Kinetic Technologies was founded on the fundamental principle of innovation and that driving force is stronger than ever today. It is deep-rooted in Kinetic the understanding that Personal Electronics, Industrial, Telecom and Enterprise System OEMs must continually reinvent themselves by bringing better, faster, smaller products with new features and functionality to market with each new generation. We cultivate innovation from all our employees because we recognize that innovation from all contributors, including product design and development, is the key to success as a company and in turn, for our customers.


Innovation happens across all functions and all levels within Kinetic.  R&D teams within Kinetic develop novel circuit designs, architectures and methods as well as new processes.  Working together with manufacturing partners, Kinetic continuously innovates at a technology level by installing new processes and devices into partner facilities. 


Kinetic’s products and technologies are used across a wide range of markets including Personal Electronics, Industrial, Telecom and Enterprise Systems.  Our customers are leading innovators in their markets which requires us to continuously be at the leading edge of product design and technology.