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  • LED Backlight Driver ICs

    LED backlight driver ICs control the voltage and current for white LEDs used to illuminate LCD panels.

  • Camera LED Flash Drivers

    LED Camera Flash Driver ICs generate and control the voltage and current to illuminate high brightness white LEDs used for photographic purposes.

  • LCD Bias Supplies ICs

    LCD Bias Supply ICs are multi-channel voltage converter ICs used to power the positive and negative bias supplies needed by LCD TFT panels

  • Overvoltage and Surge Protection ICs

    Over-voltage and Surge Protection ICs are used to isolate, manage and protect systems. The devices are used to turn power off and on to downstream system loads.

  • System Power

    System Power ICs are application specific multi-function products which focus on increasing the performance and reducing overall size in targeted systems.

  • RGB LED Driver ICs

    RGB LED Drivers ICs are used to generate and control 3 different voltages and currents required to illuminate RGB LEDs used as visual indicators in portable appliances such as Smartphones, Tablets and other portable appliances.

  • Buck and Boost Converters

    Voltage Regulation ICs are used to directly convert one voltage to another, either higher or lower than the original, with high efficiency.

  • Isolated DC-DC SoC

    Isolated DC-DC SoC products combine DC-DC controllers with integrated high-voltage isolation.

  • PoE PD Controllers

    Kinetic Technologies offers a broad portfolio of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Device (PD) product solutions which integrate the PD and DC-DC controller functions into a single package.

  • EMI/ESD Suppression

    Ethernet CM suppression and ESD protection solutions.The AS1602 is an integrated ESD and Common Mode EMI suppression IC used to improve EMC performance in Ethernet applications.