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PoE PD Controllers

Kinetic Technologies offers a broad portfolio of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Device (PD) product solutions which integrate the PD and DC-DC controller functions into a single package.  Ranging from flexible basic controllers to highly integrated full-featured SoCs, Kinetic Technologies provides solutions for nearly every PoE PD application.  Applications include Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones, Wireless LAN & WiMAX access points (WAP), Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Cameras, IP cameras, Thin-client and notebook computers, Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) terminals, Point-of-sale (PoS) terminals, RFID readers and Lighting over Ethernet (LoE). 

+ AS18xx PoE PD Controller with Primary and Secondary DC/DC Controllers and Integrated Isolation

The AS18xx product family uniquely combines high-voltage and high-speed digital isolation technology with PoE PD and DC-DC converter technology to deliver groundbreaking integration allowing highly featured and compact PoE PD solutions.  An I2C communication bus allows control and monitoring of both isolated primary power and secondary system power for real time, end-to-end energy management capabilities.  A Type 1 (IEEE® 802.3af, 13W) and Type 2 (IEEE® pre-802.3at, 25.5W) compliant PD integrates high-voltage digital isolation and Quad/Single-Output Digital Power DC-DC Converters resulting in a complete PoE and power management solution in a single device with minimal external components.  The AS1860 and AS1891 address the 60W UPoE standard.


+ AS11xx PoE PD Controller with Primary DC/DC Controller

The AS11xx series of PoE Powered Device (PD) controllers provide solutions for PD controller and integrated primary DC-DC controller.  These highly integrated solutions provide industry leading performance in a small footprint with integration of front end rectification (AS1113 and AS1114), surge protection, advanced PoE and power management, enabling a flexible design.

The AS1113 and AS1114 PoE + DC-DC controller products address Type 1 PD applications. They are highly integrated CMOS solutions for PoE applications that provide seamless integration of Front End Rectification, Advanced Power Management, EMI Control and High Voltage Protection in the Industry’s smallest footprint. 

The AS1138 targets both Type 1 and Type 2 PDs.  It is a single-chip, highly integrated CMOS solution for PoE PDs requiring input power up to 30 watts.  The AS1138 integrates input Surge Protection, a digital PD controller, and a low-emission DC-DC controller onto a single die.  The AS1138 implements the physical layer PD functionality as required by IEEE® 802.3af and IEEE® 802.3at.  This includes 2-event classification, a Type 2 PSE detection indicator (ATDET) in addition to PD detection, under-voltage lockout, and hot-swap FET integration.

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Featured Products for PoE PD Controllers

Part Number Description
AS1113 13W PoE PD + DC-DC Controller, 802.3af with MPS
AS1114 13W PoE PD + High Efficiency DC-DC Controller, 802.3af
AS1138 13W/30W 802.3af/at PoE PD and Integrated DC-DC Controller
AS1834 13W GreenEdge™ PoE PD Controller with HV Isolation, Quad DC-DC, Software Mode
AS1854 13-30W GreenEdge™ PoE PD Controller with HV Isolation, Quad DC-DC, Software Mode
AS1860 GreenEdge™ 60/90W PoE PD Controller with HV Isolation, Quad DC-DC Outputs, I2C

Application Notes

Document Description PDF File
AN004 Design Guide for the AS1113 / AS1124 PoE Powered Devices PDF Download
AN006 Using PoE PD with Local Power Supply PDF Download
AN014 Designing an EMI Compliant 802.3af PD with the AS1113 and AS1114 PDF Download
AN018 Thermal Characterization & QFN Layout Guide for the AS11xx Product Family PDF Download
AN022 AS1138 Thermal Characterization Report PDF Download
AN023 AS1138 Design Guide in Flyback Configuration PDF Download
AN024 A Universal 13W-30W 802.3afat PD Reference Design using AS1138 PDF Download
AN025 Designing for Wide-range Multi-input PoE PD Systems such as IP Cameras PDF Download
AN080 AS18x4 Design and Layout Guide PDF Download
AN082 AS1854/1834 Software User’s Guide PDF Download
AN083 AS1834/54 Assembly Guide PDF Download

+ Search Parameters


  • 9
  • 9.5
  • 10
  • 42


  • 57

LED Channels

Brightness Control

Switching Frequency(MHz)

Safty Timer Max(ms)

Max. Current per Channel (mA)

Total Max LED Current(mA)


  • QFN-9x9-64L-0.9
  • QFN-5x5-20L-0.9


Number of LEDs/Channel

Total Number of LEDs


Max. Current per Channel(mA)



IQ shutdown(SDA=SCL=1.8V)(µA)

Output OVP

Output Auto-Discharge


ON Resistance (mΩ)

Max Current (A)

OVP Trip Point (V)

Max Output Power (W)

PoE PD Support

  • 802.3af
  • 802.3af&at
  • 802.3 60W

HW Mode Control

  • Yes

SW Mode I2C Control

  • Yes
  • No


  • Flyback
  • Flyback, Buck, Forward

Number of Output Rails

  • 1
  • 4

High Voltage Isolation

  • Integrated
  • External

CISPR22 and FCC Part 15

IEC 61000-4-3 requirements for Radiated and Conducted Immunity

IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Air Discharge)

IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Contact Discharge)

Cable Discharge Event (CDE)

Package Alt.

Package Alt. 1

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