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Isolated DC-DC SoC

Isolated DC-DC SoC products combine DC-DC controllers with integrated high-voltage isolation. The AS1454/44/34/24 and AS1431/51 are Quad/Single-Output digital power SoCs for 9.5-72VDC & 24VAC isolated power applications.  All are built on Kinetic Technologies’ integrated 2kV digital isolation technology which eliminates the need for opto-couplers or other signal isolation devices.  The combination of DC-DC controller and digital isolation creates a highly flexible power platform which minimizes component count and design footprint.

Synchronous converters with digital loop and timing control are integrated with digital isolation as part of an advance power system architecture for high-efficiency and cost-effective designs.  Selectable spread-spectrum clocking on all PWMs reduces the power supply spectral noise for superior EMC performance.  Bi-directional isolated GPIO and isolated ADC ease system level design in many industrial, telecom, and medical applications.

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Featured Products for Isolated DC-DC SoC

Part Number Description
AS1431 GreenEdge™ HV Isolation 9-57VDC Single-Output Power SoC, I2C Compatible
AS1451 GreenEdge™ HV Isolation 9-57VDC Single-Output Power SoC, I2C Compatible
AS1454 GreenEdge™ HV Isolation 9-57VDC Quad-output Power SoC, I2C compatible

Application Notes

Document Description PDF File
AN092 AS1434/1454 Software User's Guide PDF Download

+ Search Parameters


  • 9


  • 57

LED Channels

Brightness Control

Switching Frequency(MHz)

Safty Timer Max(ms)

Max. Current per Channel (mA)

Total Max LED Current(mA)


  • QFN-9x9-64L-0.9


Number of LEDs/Channel

Total Number of LEDs


Max. Current per Channel(mA)



IQ shutdown(SDA=SCL=1.8V)(µA)

Output OVP

Output Auto-Discharge


ON Resistance (mΩ)

Max Current (A)

OVP Trip Point (V)

Max Output Power (W)

  • 20
  • 50

PoE PD Support

HW Mode Control

  • Yes
  • No

SW Mode I2C Control

  • Yes
  • No


Number of Output Rails

  • 1
  • 4

High Voltage Isolation

  • Integrated

CISPR22 and FCC Part 15

IEC 61000-4-3 requirements for Radiated and Conducted Immunity

IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Air Discharge)

IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Contact Discharge)

Cable Discharge Event (CDE)

Package Alt.

Package Alt. 1

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