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High Efficiency, Wide Voltage Range High Current, LED Controller

        • Wide range input voltage up to Vout

        • Wide range IC bias input: 4.5V~30V

        • Capable of driving over 80 LEDs in one string

        • High efficiency LED driver (up to 95%)

        • 8V gate drivers for external Power MOSFETs

        • Adjustable switching frequency

        • Adjustable current limiting

        • Adjustable loop compensation

        • Adjustable softstart and slope compensation

        • Wide PWM dimming frequency range

        • Very accurate LED current

          • KTD353:+/-3%
          • KTD353A:+/-2%
        • Stable with small ceramic output capacitance

        • LED string short to ground protection

        • LED short and open protection

        • Boost converter output short to GND protect

        • Output over-voltage protection

        • Pb-free Package: SOIC-16 and TQFN33-16

        • -40 to +85˚C Temperature Range


  • LCD TV and monitors

  • LED lighting

  • Other LED applications

Key Electrical Specifications

Vin(Min) Vin(Max) Maximum # of LED  Channel  Channels Control Type Package
2.7V 5.5V 80 PWM  SOIC-16, TQFN3x3-16

Typical Application Diagram