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Linear-mode 4-Channel LED Driver

            • No noise, non pulsating LED current

            • High efficiency LED driver: 1x battery current

            • Ultra low dropout current sink

              • VIN operates down to V+49mV @15.5mA
              • Up to 98% peak efficiency
            • Low supply current in all conditions: 190µA typical

            • Easy 32-level current setting via one pin serial bus control

            • ±1.5% typ / ±7% max current accuracy

            • Fast, smooth start up

            • No inrush current; no overshoot

            • VIN Range: 2.7 to 5.5V

            • 0.1µA Shutdown Current

            • No external components required

            • Automatic Soft-Start

            • Pb-free Packages: TDFN22-8, SOT23-8

            • RoHS and Green compliant

            • -40 to +85˚C Temperature Range


  • White LED backlighting

  • Keypad LEDs

  • RGB LEDs and other LED lighting

  • Constant current outputs

  • MP3 players

Key Electrical Specifications

Vin(Min) Vin(Max)
Output Current
Per Channel(Max)
Channels Control Type Package
2.7V 5.5V 4 4 Serial Digital  SOT23-8;TDFN22-8 

Typical Application Diagram