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2MHz, 3-Ch 1.5A+1.0A+0.5A Flash LED Driver

        • High efficiency synchronous boost converter with 2MHz/4MHz switching frequency option

        • I2C interface programming and hardware STROBE/TORCH control

        • Two current sources and one current sink

        • LED1: Up to 1.5A (7 bits)
        • LED2: Up to 1.0A (6 bits)
        • LED3: Up to 0.5A (6 bits)
        • Flash/Torch/IR modes
        • Independent LED on/off and current settings
        • Programmable ramp shape and time control
        • Three input low voltage protection modes
        • Flash time-out protection up to 1.44s
        • LED cathode ground connection for improved thermal dissipation (LED1/LED2)
      • LED open/short protection

      • I2C fault read back (I2C address = 0x63)


  • Smartphones and Tablets Camera Flash

  • Digital Cameras

Key Electrical Specifications

Vin(Min) Vin(Max) Max. Current per Channel Channels Control Type Package
2.7V 5.5V 1500/1000/500mA 3 I2C  WLCSP-12

Typical Application Diagram